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Her academic background includes jazz, tap dancing, ballroom dancing, musical comedy, afro-jazz, and modern and classical dance. Marta studied in Barcelona, ​​at the Anna Maleras Studio with Diola Maristany, Joan Magriñà and Cesc Gelabert, and at the Institut del Teatre with professors G. Berllini, Carmencita Romero, Madame Elsa and Gillian Gregory. In Paris, she trained at the International Dance Center with Matt Mattox, and took African dance classes with David Voutoukoulou. In New York, she continued training at the Louis Falco Dance Studio, with Jerry Armes, Lynn Simonson, M.J. Brown, Nancy Mikota, Juan Croveto, Fred Benjamin, Walter Nicks, Alvin McDuffy, Betty Jones, Honi Coles, Las Lubobrich and Alvin Ailey. In 1981, she founded the Roseland Group, for which he has been responsible since its inception. Artistic director and choreographer of Roseland Musical and Roseland Espectacles, her choreographic projects include participation in the film Tic-Tac (1997), the centenary of FC Barcelona and some ceremonies of the Special Olympics, as well as the direction of the show Els músics de Bremen at the Gran Teatre del Liceu (2006). In 2007 she was awarded the National Culture Prize in the dance category.

From 2008 to 2018, she was director of one of the departments of the Barcelona Culture Institute, ​​where she was in charge of the artistic direction of the most important events of Barcelona, such a the Cavalcade of the Three Kings (since 2006); the festivities of Santa Eulàlia;  the LlumBCN Festival (since 2010); Món Llibre Festival, the  MAC Festival; Christmas activities in Plaça Catalunya (since 2015), among others.

Nowadays, she continues with the artistic direction of the three kings' cavalcade, ​the MAC Festival, the Mon Llibre Festival, the celebration of the children's literature day, 

She is the artistic and choreographic directior of the Roseland company.

silvia team


Graduated in Economics and Business Studies at the University of Barcelona in 1996, she began her professional career during her studies in different tax and stock market investment consultancies. After finishing her degree and given her creative nature, she studied graphic design at IDEP School of Image and Design. She began to focus her professional interest in communication and marketing by pursuing a diploma at EADA School of Senior Management and Administration in 1999. From 1999 to 2006 works as head of distribution and communication at the puppet theatre company Jordi Bertran coordinating tours worldwide with about 120 performances per year. In 2006 she continued working in the performing arts sector, joining the Roseland dance company as head of distribution and communication, where he continues today. 

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