Geometry is a dance show with incredible 3D projections that take as a starting point one of the oldest sciences in humanity: geometry. A circle, a square and a triangle are three prominent figures in this fascinating montage that combines music, image and movement: contemporary dance, acrobatics and urban dances.

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Dancer, choreographer and creator in constant development and movement.
Characterized by its versatility and ease of adaptation, Aina has been experimenting in different styles and areas of urban and contemporary dance over the past 20 years. In Afro-descendant dances, learned between the USA, France, and Senegal, she has been interested in competition, freestyle, choreography, and stage creation.
Her clear interest in aesthetics and his training in photography have led him to direct numerous video-dance shorts with the videographer Marc Costa and featuring great dancers from the Spanish scene, receiving awards at renowned international festivals such as Homescreen ( San Diego).
Apart from directing her own Cia project, Aina Lanas collaborates as a performer and co-creator on projects such as Cia InMotus, Alex Serra Music, LaCerda and Jazzbetween.
Her ongoing career makes her a reference in urban/contemporary dance in Spain.
He has performed on numerous festivals such as HOP, Figueres es Mou, Deltebre Dansa, LaMachine, Nòmada, La Mercè, Seismograph, Loop, Dança Almada, SchaubudenSommer, Spoffin, among others.


She trained at the company & company (Barcelona) in modern dance and hip hop (2011 - 2015). Since 2015 she began her research in the fusion of urban dances with contemporary dances,  learning from different national and international professionals.
In January 2017, she travelled to Costa Rica to investigate more in contemporary physical dance by taking the "Reverse" course.
In 2018, within the training program Fre3 Bodies, she was a performer of "Pilot Project" with choreographies by Diego Sinniger, Vero Cendoya and Kiko López. She has worked with the companies: Les Impuxibles ("Limbo", 2017-2018) and Nicolás Richinni Company ("Huntresses", 2017), co-creator and performer in the piece "No Sin Mis Huesos" by Iron Skulls Co (2016 -2018), which has allowed her to perform in theatres across Europe. In 2016, together with Carla Sisteré, he created the Kä Collective her piece "Que no the dit", performed in different places in Catalonia and the Valencian Country. In 2019 at the MAC festival in Barcelona. She is currently a Cia dancer. Aina Lanas in the piece "MAWU", from the company Roseland with "Geometry" and the company Cobosmika in the show for family audiences "Scrakeja't 2.0".
She is considered a very versatile performer in search of a movement that manages to unite everything that resides in the memory of her body: acrobatics, hip hop, speed of movement, theatrical gestures, sensitivity and gymnastic ability; thus wanting to achieve a global body that travels from control to uncontrollability through emotions.


Currently working as a dancer for Roseland company in the show Geometry

Freelance dancer in Spain, based in Barcelona. Involved in the collective KAMPAI (performing in SISMÒGRAF, Olot (2018) and LA BANDA, from Ground Sisters (performing in: ALMERIA TEATRE (May 2020), 10th Brno Tap Festival 2019, CZECH Republic (as invited company) and in Certamen Internacional de Coreografía Burgos New York (2019).

Winners in The Best On choreographic competition with the pieces Subterfugio (2016) and Mirage (2019) with KAMPAI dance company in Teatre de la Llotja, Lleida.

2014-2016. Dancer in KULBIK company (from Kanga Valls), a hip-hop, contemporary and mime company from Barcelona, performing in DANZA A ESCENA (artistic circuit around Spain).

Dancer for the artist Alex Serra in his concerts and videoclips

Dancer for the artist Fernando Costa in Sant Jordi Club.